AI in finance bulletin #2


Artificial Intelligence is currently one of the most discussed technological trends and its impact on our society is expected to be significant. For this reason, we have decided to launch a monthly bulletin focused on key AI events within the financial sector.

This bulletin will feature a curated selection of news, papers, and articles designed to keep you informed about AI developments without overwhelming you with the inevitable noise surrounding this rapidly evolving field.

#1 Mastercard is utilizing advanced AI technology to enhance its scam detection and prevention capabilities, enabling faster and more accurate identification of fraudulent activities. – Source: Mastercard

#2 ComplyAdvantage, a regtech company, has acquired Golden, a company specializing in AI-powered search and discovery of company data, to enhance its customer onboarding and risk assessment capabilities. – Source: ComplyAdvantage

#3 A survey by Employment Hero finds that 89% of Australian small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) believe that AI can help reduce payroll errors and improve overall payroll management. – Source: The Fintech Times

#4 A new report by Hakkoda finds that over 80% of financial services and insurance firms are confident in their ability to integrate AI into their operations, with many expecting AI to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and enhance risk management. – Source: Hakkoda

#5 TradeSun and Wells Fargo have entered into an agreement where Wells Fargo will utilize TradeSun’s AI platform to digitize and automate complex manual trade finance processes, enabling increased compliance, efficiency, and business growth. – Source: TradeSun

#6 The United States and United Kingdom have agreed to work together on AI safety through their AI Safety Institutes, aiming to manage the risks of advanced AI systems internationally. – Source: U.S. Department of Commerce

#7 A survey by found that most insurance claims handlers in the UK and US believe AI and technology will greatly improve claims processing in the next five years, enhancing efficiency and customer service by overcoming issues like document handling, compliance, and transparency. – Source: London Daily News

#8 List of some interesting firms pioneering the integration of AI within the finance sector. Source: MarkTechPost

The bulletin is curated by Evgeny Krapivin. With 15 years in software development, system architecture, and team leadership, he now empowers business leaders to harness AI. He distills complex ideas into clear, actionable strategies. Follow him on LinkedIn for sharp AI insights


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